How to recognize an illegal provider...

There is no official website, company and/or contact details.

There are over 1,000+ channels from around the world for less $20.00/month.

TV Channels disappear from the channel list with explanation.

The picture quality of most of the channels is not reliable.

You are asked to pay cash to an individual and not to a business.

You call for customer service, no one answers to provide assistance & supports

All this indicates that you have chosen an Illegal Provider!

Illegal providers, commonly known as pirates, often lure subscribers with the promise of hundreds of channels at low prices. However, they are unable to guarantee the full service during the subscription period, which ultimately leads to short-term satisfaction and long-term headaches. Many users experience black screens and legal consequences due to their involvement with these illegal providers.


It is important to note that large-scale police operations are being conducted across Europe, America, Canada and Australia to uncover pirated IPTV offers. Users often believe that watching illegal live television is legally permissible and that only the owners of illegal providers are criminally liable. However, this is not the case as criminal prosecution of users is possible, and numerous users have already faced legal consequences.


Illegal providers often lose disputes over illegally broadcast TV channels, which results in them disappearing from the user’s screen. As a result, users are left without a complete paid service and no one to complain to. These illegal providers often reappear under a new name with the same intention of attracting as many people as possible with low prices and thousands of TV channels.


To avoid legal consequences and ensure a reliable and complete TV service, it is crucial to use legal providers. Users should always verify the provider’s legitimacy before subscribing and ensure that they are not contributing to the illegal activity of piracy. By doing so, users can protect themselves from the consequences of illegal activity and enjoy a reliable and complete TV service.

That is why choosing the RIGHT service provider is very important!

Why is the RIGHT service provider...

We are a LEGAL provider who has been in business for over 18 years and work with some of the biggest Private & Public Broadcasters and partner with some of the largest Telecommunication Operators in the world. 

We have the rights to 300+ Television Channels & 500+ Radio Channels in Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonian & Serbia and we pay the Channels license fees for the copyrights to distribute the programming in America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Therefore, a portion of your monthly subscription goes back to the Channels for production to produce more programming.

We have the exclusive rights to some of the most popular channels from the    region; BN channels, HAYAT channels, OBN, HRT channels, RTS channels, Arena Sports channels to name a few…

We have a video-on-demand library of over 300+ titles of domestic films and series from the region.

We provide high quality, reliable and safe services to thousands of satisfied viewers and listeners around the world for close to 20 years.

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